class sdmxthon.model.representation.Representation(facets: List[Facet] | None = None, codelist=None, concept_scheme=None, text_type=None)

Bases: object

The allowable value or format for Component or Concept


Add a facet to the list

property codelist

Reference to the codelist

property concept_scheme

Reference to the ConceptScheme (only in MeasureDimension)

property facets

list of Facets found

property type_

Specifies the basic type of the component (String, BigInteger…)


class sdmxthon.model.representation.Facet(facetType: str | None = None, facetValue: str | None = None, facetValueType: str | None = None)

Bases: object

Defines the format for the content of the Component when reported in a data or metadata set.

property facet_type

A specific content type which is constrained by the FacetType enumeration

property facet_value

The value of the Facet

property facet_value_type

The format of the value of a Component when reported in a data or metadata set. This is constrained by the FacetValueType enumeration.