class sdmxthon.model.descriptors.ComponentList(id_: str | None = None, uri: str | None = None, urn: str | None = None, annotations=None, components=None)

Bases: IdentifiableArtefact

An abstract definition of a list of components. A concrete example is a Dimension Descriptor which defines the list of Dimensions in a DataStructure Definition.


Method to add a Component to the ComponentList

property components

An aggregate association to one or more components which make up the list.


class sdmxthon.model.descriptors.DimensionDescriptor

Bases: ComponentList, object

An ordered set of metadata concepts that, combined, classify a statistical series, and whose values, when combined (the key) in an instance such as a data set, uniquely identify a specific observation


class sdmxthon.model.descriptors.AttributeDescriptor

Bases: ComponentList, object

A set metadata concepts that define the attributes of a Data Structure Definition.


class sdmxthon.model.descriptors.MeasureDescriptor

Bases: ComponentList, object

A metadata concept that defines the measure of a Data Structure Definition


class sdmxthon.model.component.GroupDimensionDescriptor

Bases: IdentifiableArtefact

A set metadata concepts that define a partial key derived from the Dimension Descriptor in a Data Structure Definition.